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Clear out clutter, create space, increase functionality and decrease stress within your beloved home.

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Reduce your stress on moving day

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What is
The Sort and Style Booth?


The Sort and Style Booth is a small business specialising in decluttering, organising and restyling beautiful rooms, created by Gillian Booth.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Gillian has lived in South Yorkshire for over 20 years and firmly believes that the spaces you spend most time in dramatically impact on your well-being and enjoyment of life.

Gillian loves making rooms and homes look stylish and aesthetically pleasing, feel calm and welcoming and function in the most organised and efficient manner. ‘Less is Best’ is a fundamental she tries both to live by and to help others to cultivate in their own homes.

With extensive experience in management within the education sector, Gillian has always been passionate about helping people make big improvements in their lives by making simple changes. She has trained with Dilly Carter from BBC1’s Sort Your Life Out and wants to offer the same elite service to home owners across South Yorkshire and beyond.

Gillian wants to work with you to enhance your life: to help you set up a beautiful new house with order and ease after moving day, to clear out clutter, to create space, to increase functionality and decrease stress within your beloved home. Storage and systems will be established to last… along with your joy!

Moving House?

Let us reduce your stress on moving day … and prevent the creation of Dump Drawers, Rooms of Doom and Chaos Cupboards.
We’ll unpack, organise, systemise and style rooms
as you move in.


Saturday: £350 / Monday: £300

Storage Solutions

For advice on how to best organise your home office, living spaces, paperwork, playrooms and so on, virtual consultations include advice around furniture placement and the best use of spaces, suggestions for storage and style tips to help you curate rooms which best suit your needs functionally and look fantastic.

Virtual consultation:

£30/ hour

Room Organisation

Following an online consultation, we will help you clear and organise specified rooms, ensuring the best use of space and storage options, showing off your most treasured items, creating lasting organisation and a beautiful aesthetic for you to easily maintain and enjoy.


Saturday: £180 / Monday: £220

Wardrobe Declutter

Whether swapping seasonal clothes, needing a good clear out of no-longer-worn items or wanting order so you can more easily find what you really want to wear: from designer to lounge-wear, we’re here to help.

Virtual consultation:

£35/ hour

In person wardrobe makeover:

Saturday: £150 / Monday: £200

*Based on individual job requirements

I'm excited to start helping you
Sort and Style!


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

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